Kayak Tours

Kayak Kuopio evening tour
Price: 30€ / per person
Enjoy the evening on our 1.5hr kayak tour. This relaxing tour takes you from Kallamarina to Väinölänniemi and then around the islands of Rönö. We use our stable kayaks with steering. Spray covers keep your bottom half warm and dry. A wind jacket under the life vest will keep you warm. This tour is suitable for beginners, instructions will be given.
Tour may need to be cancelled due to weather (high winds).
We have a maximum of 11 people (4 x double kayaks, 3 x single kayaks).
Meet at KWSC at 17.30
We can customize our tour for Groups

Sauna tour - From Price 60 € per person

Kuopio Water Sports Centre Sauna Tours are designed to offer you a destination style kayaking experience. From Kallamarina the tour takes you past Kuopio’s waterfront heading towards Hakoniemi. A small Private Island is the destination where you have the opportunity to relax, have a Sauna and BBQ.


Need to know:


Meet at KWSC at 17:30

Total Distance: Approximately 9km (About 65 minutes each way)

Duration: Approximately 4 hours

Group size: 8 people (Minimum 3 people)

Kayaks: Double Fibreglass Sea Kayaks 
Technical Requirements: Easy
Physical Demand Level: Easy - Medium

Sauna: The Sauna is co-ed (Male & Female) so please be respectful of others.

This tour is subject to Weather Conditions which can increase the Physical demand.



What to bring:


Suitable clothing for kayaking including a wind jacket.

Spare clothing, swimsuit, including towel for Sauna

Waterproof bag for your gear

Food and Drink.


For Group bookings please contact us to customise or to arrange another tour that suits your requirements.

If you have limited time restraints please contact us for further options.

E-Bike Tours


Our E-bike tours gives you time to take in the sights of the lakes & nature.

All tours start & finish at our shop at Kallamarina. 

E-Bike Tour 1: 

Puijon Torni (Approx 2 ½ hrs).  

Price: 40€ per person

Visit Puijon Torni (Puijon Tower) where you can take in the view from the tower whilst having a coffee or tea.

(Entry to Puijon Torni & Coffee or Tea is included in the tour price).

Meet at KWSC at 09:45

E-Bike Tour 2: 

Circumnavigate Kuopio (Approx 2 ½ hrs). 

Price: 40€ per person


This E-Bike tour is an adventure around Kuopio where we take in the views of Puijo & Neulamäki. There will be forest roads to enjoy, with a few hills to climb & descend.

Meet at KWSC at 08:45

E-Bike Tour 3:

Sauna Tour (Approx 4 hrs)

Price: 60€ per person

We ride the E-Bikes along Saaristokatu towards Hakoniemi. Once there we have a short rowing boat ride to the ‘Private Island’ where you have the opportunity for a Sauna & BBQ.

Meet at KWSC at 17.30

What to bring:


Suitable clothing for cycling including a wind jacket.

Spare clothing, swimsuit, including towel for Sauna

Food and Drink.

NOTE: The Sauna is co-ed (Male & Female) so please be respectful of others.

SULJETTU: Kallamarinan liike  on suljettu. 

CLOSED: Our shop is now closed for the Winter. 

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