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Terms & Conditions
(Updated 21.11.2022)

Please check out the terms of service before payment! You agree to our Terms and Conditions upon payment!


Customer activities

Kuopio Water Sports Centre (KWSC) programs as designed to provide the customer with an awesome memorable experience.

By participating in any KWSC programs, you agree to participate at your own risk.


You confirm that you are in good physical condition and do not suffer from any disability or other limitation that would prevent you from participating in a KWSC program.

​Photos may be taken during a KWSC program that may include your image. You agree that your image can be used on our website, social media pages or other marketing platforms.  

It is your responsibility to wear a buoyancy vest (PFD) whenever you are on the water.

It is your responsibility to wear a helmet whenever you are on the E-Bike or Light Electric Vehicles.

KWSC staff will be happy to provide technical instructions and safety information before you start. We suggest you follow these instructions.

If you are unsure of your skill level, we recommend participating in a beginner’s course. Non-swimmers we do not recommend open water paddling. This also applies to group bookings.

Children (Minor customers) can only go on the water with a parent, guardian or instructor.


KWSC guided tours are designed for your comfort and safety. The tour guide will provide you with the necessary technical and safety instructions. You must strictly follow these instructions. Weather conditions can change throughout a tour and the tour guide may need to vary the tour due to conditions.


There is a chance for hypothermia throughout the year in Kuopio’s weather. Always keep dry clothes in a watertight bag. It is also good to have enough food and drink for your trip. 


All tours are subject to availability and weather dependent - contact us for more information. 

At Kuopio Water Sports Centre we respect and understand the principles of nature tourism. We hope our customers respect these values and remember not to litter. Please dispose of your rubbish responsibly.


The customer agrees not to consume alcohol or drugs whilst participating in any KWSC programs. Persons that are clearly intoxicated on arrival will be not permitted to participate.


Equipment and their use


The equipment will be given to you in a good condition. As a customer, you are responsible for notifying any damage to the equipment. If necessary, we will charge a specific repair fee on a case-by-case basis, and the deductible is up to € 2500. The obligation to pay compensation will expire if the damage is caused by normal use.

Third party and property damage is the responsibility of the Customer.


Kayaks & SUP boards

Watercrafts are intended for use only in waters.  


It is prohibited to use the equipment on land. Lifting and carrying the Watercraft will reduce the possibility of damage. Never drag these or other equipment on sand as this can cause damage. 2 people may be required to carry the equipment. If you need help, please ask!

Do not use the paddle to dig up sand. When launching or returning be careful of your surrounding area. Avoid stones and other hard objects. Be aware of rocks and other hard objects especially if you are close to land.


The kayaks must be drained and lifted out of the water completely, as waves and wind may damage them. Remember that under the kayaks and SUP boards you have a steering system! 


E-Bike and Light Electric Vehicles

E-Bike and Light Electric Vehicles are deemed under Finnish Law as Pedestrian traffic therefore can be used on foot paths and bike paths. Please be mindful of other users. We recommend you to wear a helmet whilst using these vehicles. The vehicles lock must be used to lock the vehicle when they are not in use. 



We will serve you according to your own situation, but please note we charge a 20 € service fee if you want to leave or return outside our normal business hours. An additional fee at the rate of 'double' the normal fee for rental period outside normal business hours. 



Bookings of guided tours and independent programs are binding, irrespective of the booking method. You can cancel your reservation 48 hours before the scheduled time. If you cancel 48 to 24 hours before departure, we will charge 50% of the booking. We will not accept less than 24 hours before the departure time and charge the full price. The exception is thunderstorm and other conditions during which it is not safe to run the program. We also understand the sudden illness that prevents participation. In these cases, we will primarily try to agree on a new time.


No-show for bookings & reservations: Bookings & reservations will be kept for 20 minutes after scheduled time. After this the booking is cancelled. If the person(s) are running late, contact must be made within this time to keep the booking. Payment will be charged from the booking time. 

​All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Payment: We accept cash, bank transfer, Smartum app, Edenred, ePassi and Credit Cards. Full payment must be received prior to programs.

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