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Define Goals Achieve Success

DGAS Coaching Programs

At Kuopio Water Sports Centre we are proudly introducing our DGAS Coaching Programs that are made for you and your sport.

The DGAS Coaching Program is perfect for beginners as well as fitness pros...

DGAS Coaching Programs include:

  • Initial assessment

  • Coopers Test or other relative fitness test for your sport

  • DGAS training program for you

  • Group workouts / trainings

  • Progress assessments

  • Course familiarisation

  • Mentorship


50€ for 1 hour consultation

Undecided on whether you need a coach?


Don't have time to commit to a training program but have questions burning about an upcoming event that requires expert advice?

A 1 hour non committal sit down with a KWSC Coach to discuss those things that might help you get to the finish line or achieve that goal time.

- Nutrition

- Tactics

- Specific Races

- Equipment

- Recovery

- Training (We won't write a training program, but can steer you in the right direction).

DGAS Consultation
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